Hostile Work Environment

If the hostile work environment at your job is replete with harassment, employee bullying and disputes over compensation you feel you are owed, you do not have to settle for constant mistreatment that makes you dread going to your workplace each day.

You can fight back — and Esperanza Cervantes Anderson will fight right alongside you.

At the Law Office of Esperanza Cervantes Anderson in Pasadena, aggrieved employees in Los Angeles County, the Inland Empire and across Southern California receive the legal help they need to get justice and start a new life.

As your employment law attorney, Ms. Anderson uses the many benefits of her 20 years of experience with these issues, reputation for results, track record and personal service on your behalf. She insists that you have direct access to her at all times, so that all of your questions and concerns can be addressed promptly and fully, throughout the legal process.

The Advocate You Need When A Hostile Work Environment Makes Your Life Miserable

As your employee rights lawyer, Esperanza Cervantes Anderson thoroughly researches your claim of discrimination, sexual harassment, religious harassment, whistleblower retaliation or any other form of worker abuse. She brings the facts of your case to skillful negotiations with your employer and, if needed, can be your strong voice in the courtroom during litigation.

These quality legal services, that have done so much for so many, are available to you on a strict contingency fee basis. This means that you owe no attorney fee unless Ms. Anderson resolves your case with a damage settlement or victory at trial.

The first step in your journey to justice, for you and your family, is your free initial consultation. Contact us from wherever you are in the region by calling toll free at 800-483-1758 or sending an email message. Hablamos español.