Religion Harassment

Religious freedom is a hallmark of our democracy. This liberty is one of the many reasons our country was founded centuries ago.

In today's workplace, however, religious harassment and wrongful termination because of an employee's religion is all too frequent.

Do you suspect that your faith was the reason for dismissal from your job? Are you constantly subjected to ridicule because of tenets of the faith that you adhere to during the typical work day? Has all of this harassment amounted to a hostile work environment that distracts you from the work you were hired to do?

In Southern California — meaning Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire — the experienced employment law attorney you should speak with is Esperanza Cervantes Anderson in Pasadena.

As your lawyer, Ms. Anderson uses every ounce of leverage possible from her 20 years of experience and track record of success to protect your rights on the job, and return your life to normal after a claim of religion harassment.

She acts swiftly and decisively upon what she learns from you during your free initial consultation. She negotiates skillfully with your employer and, if necessary, aggressively litigates in courts of law to protect your rights.

Do you need a reasonable accommodation that allows you to exercise your freedom of religion during a work day? Have you been denied that right by a supervisor or the owner of your business? Contact the Law Office of Esperanza Cervantes Anderson today to schedule a free initial consultation. Simply call 800-483-1758 or reach us by email message. Hablamos español.