Whistleblower Retaliation

The illegal or unethical act you witnessed at your job, and which you felt it your duty as citizen and employee to report to superiors, could have been any number of things:

  • A financial transaction or bribe taking place "under the table"
  • A blatant exchange of sexual favors resulting in an undeserved promotion
  • Verbal or physical abuse of a co-worker, or failure to pay that worker proper compensation
  • The demotion of a worker who became pregnant or disabled

In addition to your determination to do a good job at your workplace every day, your insistence on accountability for those around you has made you a "whistleblower." And for whistleblowers, there are consequences.

Were you demoted or downsized, transferred or terminated after informing your employer of improper or illegal practices by those around you?

The advocate you need — the experienced employment law and whistleblower retaliation attorney you can trust with your rights in Pasadena, Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire — is Esperanza Cervantes Anderson.

As an employment lawyer with 20 years of experience and a recognized reputation for positive results for her clients, Esperanza Cervantes Anderson's whistleblower protection practice safeguards your interests in similar disputes at your workplace, and when a client feels that the government must be sued in a qui tam action under the False Claims Act.

Working Hard To Protect Employee Rights Throughout Southern California

Ms. Anderson listens carefully to your account of the illegal conduct, such as fraud, that you witnessed at your job. Her in-depth investigation produces facts that she uses to confront your employer — and uses against him or her in court if necessary.

Throughout the legal process, you need not worry about the cost of our law firm's quality representation. The contingency fee basis for our work translates to zero attorney fees for you unless we win your case and collect damages that reflect what happened to you.

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