Pregnancy Discrimination

Employers who discriminate against pregnant employees do so at their peril, from a legal standpoint.

If this has happened to you — if you have been demoted, transferred or wrongfully terminated during your job tenure because of your pregnancy — the experienced employment law and pregnancy discrimination attorney who protects your rights in Los Angeles County, the Inland Empire and throughout Southern California is Esperanza Cervantes Anderson, founder of the Law Office of Esperanza Cervantes Anderson in Pasadena.

Pregnancy discrimination, gender discrimination and retaliation against workers for their desire to take unpaid Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) time off the job, is clearly illegal. Esperanza Cervantes Anderson has successfully handled discrimination cases like these during her 20 years of service to a broad range of employment law clients.

The Advocate You Need When Pregnancy Issues Endanger Your Livelihood

As your lawyer, Ms. Anderson listens carefully as you describe how you have been treated by your employer since you became pregnant — and any other event that may have happened at your hostile workplace. She conducts exhaustive research into your claim and speaks truth to the employer who made you feel suddenly unwelcome.

Throughout the legal process, you enjoy direct access to Ms. Anderson's expertise so that any sudden concern or question can be addressed. And our law firm's contingency fee policy frees you of money worries regarding the cost of her quality representation. You owe no attorney fee unless we win your case and recover damages for you.

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