Reasonable Accommodations

Have the needs for an accessible work area, handicap access, doctors' appointments and medical leave associated with your disability caused you to be discriminated against at your job in Southern California?

Our state's Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) and the federal Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) prevent businesses from discriminating against and harassing their disabled employees.

Both laws also require employers to coordinate with disabled workers regarding reasonable accommodations that allow them to do their jobs, or any other position they may qualify for.

The Law Office of Esperanza Cervantes Anderson in Pasadena has successfully protected the rights of a broad range of disabled employee clients in Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire for 20 years. You can count on our lawyer to be receptive to your personal accounts of instances of disability discrimination; responsive to your goals during investigation of your claim and negotiations with employers; and resourceful during litigation if a trial is necessary.

The Advocate You Need For Workplace Disability Discrimination Issues

Esperanza Cervantes Anderson has built a reputation for positive results in employment law cases pertaining to disability discrimination, and reasonable accommodations that include:

  • Job restructuring that, in one case, permits an employee to lift heavy items, as needed, for a worker who cannot lift them
  • Purchase of, or modifications to, equipment for accessibility purposes
  • Modified work schedules that allow disabled workers to attend health care appointments
  • Workplace accommodations: ramps, restrooms, accessible doors and work stations whose customized adjustments accommodate a disability
  • Leaves of absence for medical treatment

Learn more about your rights, and about the many ways we can help you at the Law Office of Esperanza Cervantes Anderson. Call our skilled employment lawyer toll free at 800-483-1758 or send an email message. Your initial consultation is free. We can visit you at your home if your disability prevents you from coming to us.

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